Andrew Kopp’s Benches

Concept Bench
Shell Bench
Shell Bench, side view

More successful designs from Andrew Kopp: Concept Bench, Shell Bench and a Museum Bench.

RISD Museum Bench

The Museum Bench is made of white ash and patina steel and has been recently purchased by RISD Museum for use as a public seating at their new ancient gallery area. The RISD Museum Bench‘s dimensions are: 48” x 17” x 17”.

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COD Project by Rami Tareef

The chairs, that are composed of only two materials, are the product of young designer Rami Tareef‘s COD Project (Crafts Oriented Design). Each chair is created by threading 500 meters of polypropylene cord around 10 meters of steel rod.

From the designer:

“The project tries to illuminate the differences and similarities between craft and design; it tests and stretches the limits of their hybridization, and tries to end up with something identifiable from that past world. The COD project deals with wicker/woven furniture − a traditional craft product − and preserves its production values while incorporating innovative design features from the world of mass production.”


Prop-er Benches by Oscar Medley-Whitfield

Kingston University graduate Oscar Medley-Whitfield presented these benches that rely on each other for support at New Designers in London last week (6-9 July).

The Prop-er Benches each have one shortened pair of legs so they need to rest on the surface below. They can be arranged freely, providing three surfaces at chair height, table height and shelf height.


Hugo by Kate Pashinova

The Hugo chair by Kate Pashinova is made to reflect Scandinavian style with its minimalistic features. Hugo is simple, but functional: its one arm is designed for hanging your bag, which comes in handy in public spaces like cafes and galleries.

From the designer:

“The special gap between the seat and the armrest allows to keep your bag close to you decreasing the glory of pickpockets and leaving it clean and tidy even in the dusty streets and spaces. Stackable design gives the owner more storage space and freedom, still making the day brighter with its eye-catching colours.”

Kate Pashinova is a young Russian designer and former student of British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow who is currently moving to Finland to complete her MA at Aalto University.

The Zest Chair by Nancy Chu

Spotted the Zest Chair by Nancy Chu (who is an industrial design student at the University of Cincinnati) at Chair Designers’ Club group on Facebook, then further research led me to the post about it on

Zest explores the contrast between hard folds and soft curves. The clean lines of one surface give an impression of rigidity, whereas the delaminating surface seems lax as it bends over the sleigh legs. As one surface “peels away” from each other an intrigueing negative space pulls the eye in with an unexpected pop of color. Powder coated sheet metal and bent steel rods.