Glass Covered Chairs: Breaking the Bottle by Mark Reigelman II


Breaking the Bottle is an installation by Mark Reigelman II that is currently on display at Heller Gallery in NYC (runs till July 30, 2011).

With about 40 layers of over 1,000 lbs. of 100% recycled broken glass and 20 gallons of Epoxy Resin used to cover twelve typical household objects, including chairs, the tedious process took about three months to finish.

Reigelman on his installation:
“By fusing elements of protection with objects of the home, my installation debates the need for fervent homestead defense while pointing out the repercussions of over-protection and the impact it has on social dialogue.”



5 thoughts on “Glass Covered Chairs: Breaking the Bottle by Mark Reigelman II”

  1. It’s an impressive looking design. On first view, I thought it was an astro-turf type covering, but glass?! I would of hated to have the job of sticking it all on!

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