Anchored Candy no2 by Vivian Beer

Vivian Beer

I can’t get enough of my fave category Chairchez La Femme. This time the lady behind her chairs: Vivian Beer and why not chose high heels as your inspiration?

Vivian Beer is fearless. That’s really the best way to describe her. The 33-year-old designer/maker takes steel and cuts it. Bends it. Shapes, welds, grinds, and sands it. She transforms it – by hand and machine – from rigid raw material into impossibly curvy furniture and sculpture. And she does all of this, more or less, alone.

Vivian Beer’s 2011 solo shows are at Courthouse Gallery Fine Art (Jul. 13 – Aug. 7), Manhattanville College’s Arthur M. Berger Art Gallery (Sept. 6 – 30, partnered with Purchase College), and Wexler Gallery (Oct. 7 – Nov. 25).

Via – and read more about her at American Craft Magazine | Curves Ahead.

5 thoughts on “Anchored Candy no2 by Vivian Beer”

  1. @Julia

    As per your suggestion: I asked Vivian on FB for one and found one in the American Craft Magazine:-)

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