Flexible Sandwich Chaise by François Azambourg

François Azambourg patented his 1999 “flexible sandwich” of wood ply and foam, used to make this chair and ottoman. The ergonomic material represents VIA’s mission to promote original combinations of traditional materials.
via Dwell.

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About Via

For 30 years, the Valorisation de L’Innovation dans l’Ameublement, affectionately known as VIA, has promoted contemporary, innovative furniture design with economical and eco-friendly projects by new talent. “We have a very important action to reveal French designers,” explains Gérard Laizé, executive director of the company. Through its impetus to finance projects based in both technical research and creativity, VIA aims to connect manufacturers, designers and retailers. Laizé teamed up with the widely recognized Paris modern art museum, Centre Pompidou, to create Via Design 3.0, an exhibit highlighting the company’s history of modern design for the home. To coincide with the show’s last weekend, contributing writer Suzy Evans shares the history behind a few of the pieces on view.

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