Mr. Smith the Second by Anthony Hartley

This multi-colored Mr. Smith the Second chair by UK furniture designer Anthony Hartley totally looks like a piece of some twisted candy, don’t you think? It’s not really made of candy though, Mr. Smith the Second is colored beech wood with a high-gloss lacquer finish!

7 thoughts on “Mr. Smith the Second by Anthony Hartley”

  1. I was only going to add a version of the above comment on the Frank Gerhy reference and add I was wondering where the Mr Smith comes into it?

  2. Agree with you guys! I would say Hartley’s previous chairs Frank and Mr. Smith look more unique, although still bear an obvious resemblance to the Wiggle.

  3. @Guido, lol, we just posted at the same time! And basically the same comment… Great minds! 😉

  4. Thanks for the comments guys,Frank was the first chair I made with a reference to Frank’O’Gehry’s wiggle from the easy edges line.Mrs Frank is the accompanying table. The Mr Smith and Mr Smith the second reference the Paul Smith stripes.
    Hope this helps,thanks again Anthony

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