Olga Chair by Claudia and Harry Washington

Olga Chair by Claudia and Harry Washington
While surfing I grabbed this photo of this wonderful stylish and seemingly comfy Olga Chair by Claudia and Harry Washington from the web, but forgot wher I’d seen it. Now I know: The Future Perfect.

Next question is: Who are Claudia and Harry Washington? Some searching:

Bernhardt Designs says:

Harry met Claudia when they were students at the University of Applied Arts in San Salvador. Their rise to become design pacesetters in El Salvador may appear to have been overnight, but they have been perfecting their skills for four years, as designers in a world where they not only create, but have to execute their work by whatever means possible.

The very distinctive Olga chair won San Salvador’s design competition Contempo, sponsored by USAID. As winners, the Washingtons’ work was exhibited at the ICFF in New York in 2008.

And then I found their temporary website: Due e Studio

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