Throne of Tsaritsa Elizabeth

Throne of Tsarina Elizabeth, daugter of Peter the Great, 1742.
Throne of Tsaritsa Elizabeth, daugter of Peter the Great, 1742.
Via StyleFactory Blog.

Update: Changed Tsarina into Tsaritsa as per our Russian Editor’s request

One thought on “Throne of Tsaritsa Elizabeth”

  1. Humm, I was going to say there’s a typo in the word “Tsarina”, then I decided to follow all the source links to the original posting and it says that on each of the websites. I could be wrong as there might be something I don’t know, but if they’re referring to Elizabeth as a queen, it’s supposed to be “Tsaritsa”, not “Tsarina” in Russian. Just my two Russian… kopeikas 🙂 (as in “two cents” 😉 )

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