Best of Chair Blog in 2011

Our best posts of 2011:

1) Nest Chair by Tjep, November, 2011: 1,655 visitors, 1,785 visits and 1,930 pageviews

Nest Chair by Tjep

2) Unusual Chair by Alan Jones January, 2011: 1,276 visitors, 1,442 visits and 1,829 pageviews

Unusual Chair by Alan Jones

3) Skull Chair by Pool Reminds You That You Will Die – Milan 2011 (01), November, 2011: 1,264 visitors, 1,541 visits and 1,679 pageviews

Skull Chair by Pool

4) Floating Cloud Sofa by D.K. & Wei, May, 2011: 740 visitors, 835 visits and 914 pageviews

Cloud Sofa by D.K. and Wei,

Hinges for a Hans Wegner Valet Chair – Anybody?, March 2011: 538 visitors, 693 visits and 855 pageviews

Hans Wegner Valet Chair Hinges

Our Best Golden Oldies in 2011:

1) Bram Stoker’s Chair series by Sam Taylor-Wood, August 2010: 6,960 visitors, 7,576 visits and 9,268 pageviews

2) Luxury Airplane Seats, February 2008 : 6,904 visitors, 7,460 visits and 9,158 pageviews

American Airlines Seats

3) Sensory Deprivation Skull Chair by Atelier van Lieshout, March 2008: 5,764 visitors, 6,132 visits and 7,199 pageviews

Sensory Deprivation Skull Chair by Atelier Van Lieshout 1

4) A Royal Throne by the Horrix Brothers – Meubelenfabriek Anna Palowna, September 2009: 3,312 visitors, 3,560 visits and 4,425 pageviews

Horrix Throne King William III NL

5) Thonet Chair no 18 April 2007, one of our first posts: 3,137 visitors, 3,454 visits and 4,344 pageviews

Thonet Chair no. 18

Best of Chair Blog in 2011

For this post I don’t rely on Feedreader, but on our Woopra stats.

According to Woopra we had 634,322 unique visitors who visited Chair Blog 1,066,901 times and generated 1,227,821 pageviews in 2011.

I’ve split the post in those posted in 2011 and those posted earlier, but only taking into account the 2011 stats. It is clear that posts have to “ripen” before they take off as the oldies are doing better than the newbies. Or it could be the hits as main post don’t count in 2011. Kind of strange. Most curious if in 2012 we can count one of the 704 2011 posts between the golden oldies…

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