Chair Paintings by Ami Armagost



Time to pay attention to a loyal FaceBook follower of us, Ami Armagost.

Ami Armagost:

Born in America and raised in Japan, my cross-cultural upbringing has had a significant impact on my life and on the content of my painting.

I am fascinated with the process in which materialistic objects of the house become a sentimental, personal, and essential element of the home. Having no sentimental attachment to domestic furnishings, my curiosity of this matter drives me to explore the affection and attachment that people develop for these items.

My recent work focuses on chairs and our intimate relationships with these functional and ornamental sculptures – chairs can fulfill our emotional and psychological needs.

My works are portrait like, letting the chairs sit in for a human and taking on a figurative nature.

The chairs are inscriptions of owners from past and present. My body of work provides a sense of loss as well as the experience of discovering collected memories. I believe my viewers can feel a familiarity in all my works and interpret each piece through their own experience.

I wonder like a dog and its boss tend to seem alike after a certain period of time, would a chair and its owner have similarities in character or physionomics??

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