Twisted Roots Chair


I discovered this chair at tongue in cheek site Anthroparodie that claims:

Distressed Chair with 3 Branches Nailed to It
gnarled writhing branches cling to this classic dining room chair
like an anguished lover

our latest sit-art represents a bold and highly experimental fusion of timbered forces
natural wood
processed wood


And then points you to the USA based reseller of this chair

Anthroparodie’s byline is: Bohemia just got a lot more expensive…

At Anthroparodie, we provide the elite and fashionably adventurous dreamers and artists with an illusion of a Bohemian lifestyle, while still promoting bourgeois decadence. Offering found vintage items that we design ourselves (and assemble in sultry third-world locales) our 153+ retail shops are a one-of-a-kind boutique.

To purchase our floaty, flouncy, owlish, new-antique, hand-made, twee apparel and trinketry, click on the product name, which links to our online marketplace

I wonder what our friends over at Moggit would comment…

Another interpretation like The Chair grew from the Tree…, Grown into a Chair and Twisted Branch Chair..

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