Top 5 posts of February 2012

1) Bubble Point Chair by Svilen Gamolov: 482 views.

Bubble Point Chair by Svilen Gamolov Front

2) Black Mikado Chair: 481 views.

black mikado chair

3) Natura Morta by Alexa Meade: 479 views.


4) Lady Lit Up Chair: 478 views.

Lady Lit up by Chair

5) Top 5 Posts of January 2012: 476 views.

Plywood Mystery Chair

Best 5 posts of Chair Blog in February, 2012

Here our top 5 of February 2012 according to our Feedburner stats.

Our “normal” stats show an absolute pageview winner of February:

Vuzzle Chair by Christopher Daniel with 3,702 pageviews.

Vuzzle Chair by Christopher Daniel White Interior

Our stats show: 52,970 visits and 140,931 page views with 43 new posts.

Thank you all! Hope to see you back in March, 2012!

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