Top 5 Posts of January 2012

1) Plywood Mystery Chair drew 455 views.

Plywood Mystery Chair

2) Magic by David Fox for Boss Design drew 452 views


3) and 4) Thonet no. 2 – Chair Blog | Tumblr drew 451 views.

Thonet no. 2 - Chair Blog | Tumblr

3) and 4) Mystery Thonet Bentwood Chair drew 451 views.

mystery thonet Austria bentwood chair

5) Best of Chairblog in December 2011 with 447 views.

Nest Chair by Tjep

Best 5 of Chair Blog in January, 2011

January went fast and following the tradition I started last year, here are our top 5 of January 2012.

Just one full month of hosting with our new hosting provider which turned out to be a good move: We had to restart the services of the site 2 times and both times the down time was only 5 minutes. This brings our uptime for January to 99,8 %: A record!

Also an all time records in our stats: 57,776 visits, 142.451 page views with “only” 83 new posts. Also a big thank you to my co editors Julia and Polley.

The number of views are close together this month. Closer than in prior months.

2 mystery and 2 Thonet Chairs in the top…

Thank you all! Hope to see you back in February, 2012!

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