Chair Tribute to Sigurd Lewerentz by Mats Theselius

Hommage to  Sigurd Lewerentz by Mats Theselius

Hommage to Sigurd Lewerentz by Mats Theselius

Was presented at the 2012 Stockholm Furniture fair by Källemo

I got the idea when visiting St Petri Church in Klippan, together with my students last October. It is the last church Lewerentz draw, and, in mine and many others opinion, it is one of the most interesting pieces of architecture in Sweden.
The old copper roof was being replaced; immediately I thought to do something with the copper tiles together with Källemo.
The copper patinated sheets cover the outside of the chair. The chair is a play with, and a free interpretation of Lewerents ideas and materials used for the church.
The chair is very “non upholstered”. It consists of many independent parts not very much relating to each other, but together they form the chair. This is also how I experience the architecture.
To the chair there is also a special designed and jacquard woven textile related to the mosaic floor pattern like an alter cloth.
The chair is made in a limited edition of 123 pieces. This is how many copperplates we recovered.

One thought on “Chair Tribute to Sigurd Lewerentz by Mats Theselius”

  1. Great idea well executed. I really like this; very practical. I love design with a good narrative; the brutal frame-seat brackets are beautiful when you consider the material being used.

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