Wool Chair

Wool Chair


Crochet elements are often classified with clever conventional objects, but this Baita Design Wool seating carried a new era for more appearance. Heinz Muller and Helena Baita Bueno collaborated in this vibrant project that this stool and Wool chair were wood framing very clean, geometric and vivified with spectral stitching fabric cushions have been formed to oscillate down below each seat. The result is a little colorful collection of furniture in the detail with handknitted of elements of arts and crafts and the spirit of contemporary collectibles. Past and present are even more in these two bridge get pieces of furniture thanks to a reference to the tradition of style of Smyrna carpet in the Baita Design Wool seating.

(Source: http://www.23edge.com/colorful-the-baita-design-wool-seating/)

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