Mystery Hanging Chair

Mystery Hanging Chair

Mystery Hanging Chair 2

Mystery Hanging Chair

Surfing Cowboys have asked if we recognized this hanging chair. We don’t, but maybe one of our readers?

8 thoughts on “Mystery Hanging Chair”

  1. I saw one on somebody’s porch just outside of the main entrance to Glacier National Park (on one of those single wide “cabins”), in Montana in 2005. I photographed it and have been searching for it’s manufacturer ever since. This is the first that I’ve ever seen of it. Recently, I’ve been thinking of welding one together. The bends look tricky.

      1. Hi Joshua, I would love to hear if you still have the leaf chair. I am looking to buy one.

  2. Hi Peter – This is a Rupert Oliver Leaf Chair.
    I have one that we are trying to find a home for. The leather would need to be replaced but the metal frame and the stand from which it hangs are both fine. We bought it years ago in Saudi Arabia – maybe around 1980? I’m not sure where you’re located or if you are still interested in one of these, but we are in Austin, TX. Let me know! 🙂

  3. I have found one recently in a reclamation yard in London. It’s the outdoor design in a white space age pvc type material. It was very unloved but after some basic and sympathetic renovation and replacement of the laces we are enjoying it when possible with our unpredictable weather. I have also seen that they make copies so I wondered if anyone could help me ascertain whether it’s original or just a very old repo. Help appreciated. Thanks. Paul

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