Wild Chair by J.C. Karich and Pauline Jamilloux



Wild Chair

I found the Wild Chair by J.C. Karich and Pauline Jamilloux via INewIdea.

The Wild Chair ( salvaticus cathedra ) is the wildest species of seating furniture. The most recognizable features are his 4 legs and no tail. They are solitary but social, also very territorial they live in very populated places on earth, this has caused significant conflicts with humans.

When a stranger brakes their quietness, they scream and raise their wharp wooden spines to defend from predators.

To approach a wild chair is very tricky. The wild chair is sensitive to soft talk and kind gestures, but you can’t approch directly to it.

when domesticated the wild chair can be very useful, but remember, a wild chair will always be a WILD CHAIR.

A M.I.T. Project

Watch the video: The chair tests your fakir abilities or helps you cure your itchy back:

WILD CHAIR VIDEO from j.c.karich on Vimeo.

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