Red Rocker by Vivian Beer

Red-Rocker-by-Vivian-Beer-Front View
Red Rocker by Vivian Beer Side View
Red Rocker by Vivian Beer Side View
Red Rocker by Vivian Beer Back View

Red Rocker

I’ve revisited Vivian Beer’s VB Studio site and was pleasantly surprised, not to say smitten, by the quality of her site where I found this red Rocker.

Red Rocker was a hunt of subtlety within a not-so-subtle color range. I knew it had to be a saturated red but not quite a “lipstick” color…

I settled on one that is based in a violet range rather than a cadmium red. It is a tonal range that has been used on a number of Chevy “muscle” show cars. So it’s a combination of muscle and cosmetic. Lipstick and muscle cars have a lot in common!

I can relate to the choice as once I had to choose a red for a fast boat…the association evident from the front and view of this chair. Red Boats and Red Chairs come together here;-)

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