Lese+Lebe by Nils Holger Moormann


Lese+Lebe by Nils Holger Moormann 2

Lese+Lebe is German for Read+Live

In a clever way Nils Holger Moormann brings together the traditional North German StrandKorb and a book case.

‘Hieronymus im Gehäuse’, a beach chair on the sea, a Lokomotive dining compartment – Lese+Lebe awakes pictures in us. An escape in the room, which invites you to just sit down and relax while having a cup of tea and browsing in your favourite book.

The back of the two-seater is formed by the shelf itself. On the left or right side of the backrest, a board can be folded down as a table. This makes it possible to access the shelf from both sides. Hidden under the seat are extendable footrests and drawers with a lot of space for stowing.

Found via smow.com.

Plus I’ve updated the Chair Bookcase Combination category.


And here is a photo of an “original” Strand Korb

Strand Korb

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