Black Strand Korb – High Back Beach Chair

Black Strandkorb-_MG_2379


Strand Korb

We have a small series here about Beach Chairs, mainly those moderately reclining models with a high back that can protect you against wind and a bit of rain as well. I’ve devoted one post exclusively to the Strand Korb: The High Back Beach Chairs (Strandkorf or StrandKorb) of Bartelmann.


The Floriade is a one in ten year event in the Netherlands where all horticulture is brought together in a huge fair where the horticulture industry of The Netherlands and from abroad presents itself to the general public. It is a real spectacle. It still lasts until October 7, 2012.

The Floriade Park covers 66 hectares and encompasses 5 unique themed worlds separated by wooded areas. Each world has its own decor, programme and activities. Worlds in which you’ll see, feel and experience nature in a totally different way each time.

I’ve visited it in June and found this reasonably priced (€ 1,500) Black Strand Korb from modern materials rather than the willowy ones from the past. The distributor wrongfully named it a Beach House.

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