Top Posts July, 2012

1) 376 views: Lander Chair by Charlie Davidson:


2) 365 views: Hybrid No2 by Merve Kahraman:

3) 364 views: Zjedzony: Banana Chair by WamHouse, Peeled and Eaten:

4) 362 views: Hybrid No 1 by Merve Kahraman:

5) 331 views: Pablo Picasso in his Studio Villa “La Californie”:


Chairblog’s best in July, 2012.

August already! It didn’t register yet with me. Time flies.

As usual per our Feedburner stats. While editing this post, the date of Feedburner stats moved on one day. I’ve learned now that I should post this in the afternoon my time, rather than in the morning as I used to do. Hope I remember.

Visits went up! 36,555 vs 33,781 Also our page views 86,084 vs 82,669.

Different stats give different outcome.

Although stats went up, it is very well possible that this is due to a one time spike.

What happened is that Gizmodo picked up one of our posts and and gave us kudos on their FaceBook page. Subsequently Gizmodo placed two two of our finds on their blog.

With as a result:

– Our post Priceless Chair getting a whopping 2,928 page views in July..


Gizmodo’s FB kudos got over 1,000 shares on FB and if you look at the post it got plenty of FB likes, pins and tweets…

Hope to see you back in August. Hope August will give us more spikes.


After publishing I notice there are more posts that got more page views than the ones per our Feedburner stats:

Red Chair by Robert Whitton: 912 views


Classic Hammock by La Seora: 655 views

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