Postmundus Chair by Martino Gamper – The Carpet Beater Chair


Postmundus Chair

By Martino Gamper for Nilufar
I couldn’t help it thinking of a traditional rattan carpet beater or rug beater when I saw this Chair.

It is Martino Gamper’s reinterpretion of the classic Thonet bentwood chair no. 16. He visited the Mundus factory in Croatia to research the techniques used on classic bentwood chairs still in production and returned to his London studio with about 100 elements. These included seats, legs, arms and back rests, which he then reworked it into a new bentwood chair: Postmundus.

I’m just wondering whether the Mundus factory in Croatia is still in function…

Found at Label Magazine and designboom.

2 thoughts on “Postmundus Chair by Martino Gamper – The Carpet Beater Chair”

  1. Unfortunately Mundus is gone. Century old tradition and knowledge couldnt survive bad management.
    Shame to see such a factory ruined…but good to see people around the world, like Gamperi doing chairs like this, in a way Mundus still lives!

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