Postmundus Chair by Martino Gamper – The Carpet Beater Chair


Postmundus Chair

By Martino Gamper for Nilufar
I couldn’t help it thinking of a traditional rattan carpet beater or rug beater when I saw this Chair.

It is Martino Gamper’s reinterpretion of the classic Thonet bentwood chair no. 16. He visited the Mundus factory in Croatia to research the techniques used on classic bentwood chairs still in production and returned to his London studio with about 100 elements. These included seats, legs, arms and back rests, which he then reworked it into a new bentwood chair: Postmundus.

I’m just wondering whether the Mundus factory in Croatia is still in function…

Found at Label Magazine and designboom.

Fortune Cookie Stool by Po Shun Leong? – 2011 IMM Cologne (29)

Fortune-Cookie-Stool-by-Po Shun-leong_MG_8172

Fortune Cookie Stool

In Europe and especially in The Netherlands (internet browser) Cookies are subject to opt in nowadays…oops have to adjust Our Rules of Engagement (done in the meantime…I even haven’t a clue what cookies are…)

Anyway, luckily Po Shun Leong created the Fortune Cookie Stool to alleviate this burden on us poor bloggers and I found this photo I took of the stool at 2011 IMM Cologne back to share it with you.

About Po Shun Leong

He was born in the UK in 1941, studied at the Royal College of Art, School of Sculpture, London in 1958, with Prof John Skeaping, but transferred to and received his Diploma Cum Laud at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, UK. His studio is in Winnetka, California, USA.


As per the comments this is not Po Shun Leong’s stool, but Shin Azumi’s AP stool for La Palma….

Below a photo of Po Shun Leong’s real Fortune Cookie Chair:


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Is Copy-Paste the Future of Chair Design?

Verner Panton - Ruth Franken - Fabio Novembre
Verner Panton______________Ruth Franken_____________Fabio Novembre
Isamu Noguchi, Freeform sofa,1946 vs Piero Lissoni, Bubble Rock sofa, 2005
Isamu Noguchi, Freeform sofa,1946 _____ Piero Lissoni, Bubble Rock sofa, 2005
George Nelson, Marshmallow sofa 1956 vs Matteo Thun, Tantisassi sofa 2005
George Nelson, Marshmallow sofa 1956 _______ Matteo Thun, Tantisassi sofa 2005

Dali, Mae West lips, 1938 vs The Studio 65 Bocca sofa, 1972
Dali, Mae West lips, 1938 ___________________ The Studio 65 Bocca sofa, 1972

Is Copy-Paste the Future of Chair Design?

I had saved this post just for the occasion: 5 years Chair Blog. Reason being I want to make this category design similarities a huge item on our blog. The Greek Copy-paste ή inspire-evolve στο design? gave a good example, but there are many more! Even dear Fabio Novembre has his own series of design similarities inspiring us.

Stay tuned!

Margritta Chair by Sebastian Matta

Margritta Chair by Sebastian Matta

Margritta Chair by Sebastian Matta

I found a photo on Designboom, Italian Spazio 900 had one for sale or for rent.
And it is still in production by Italian OWO.

The Son of Man by René François-Ghislain Magritte

It is said to be a tribute to Belgian surrealist painter René François-Ghislain Magritte, see Inventor Spot, hence I made it part of our design similarities category.

Strangled Stool by Brabbu


“Strangled” Stool

Off course it isn’t strangled, but it looks like it. This is a Paduang stool. The designers were inspired by the habit of the woman from Paduang to enlarge and enrich their necks with copper rings.

Okay I admit, a complicated way of attaching a stool to our Looking for the Lady Chairchez la Femme category. But maybe we may suggest to Brabbu to make the connection more explicit by providing us with some photos with a beautiful Paduang lady being seated on their Paduang Stool.

It is also part of our category Design Similarities which is aimed at pointing out what inspired the designer.

Via BRABBU Design Forces.