Top Posts of August 2012

1) 390 views: Spoon Chair by Philipp Aduatz:


2) 367 views: Flip Bench by Daniel Pearlman:


3) 347 views: Banana Sofa:


4) 344 views: Again a Tumblr Import:

5) 333 views: Tulpi Chair by Marco Manders:


5) 333 views: Garment Chair by Benjamin Hubert:

Garment Chair by Benjamin Hubert front

The best of Chair Blog in August 2012

In August, 2012, we’ve aired 55 posts, we got 41,561 visits and 145,693 page views.
July, 2012, visits amounted to 36,555 and page views to 86,084.

As usual, The best 5 mentioned are based on our Feedburner stats, but probably this is the last post based on these our Feedburner stats: On August 15, 2012, I’ve installed the Jetpack WordPress plugin that comes with a nifty stats program and with social sharing buttons that hopefully don’t cause similar issues as the former share plugin did.

So the next top post will probably be based on those Jetpack stats together with our Google Analytics….

Speaking of Google Analytics…

The following post of August got more page views in August, 2012, than those mentioned above:

– 848 views: “Real” Egg Chairs:


There are more posts with more views, but I have a slight feeling that was due to a plugin hiccup…. Half September we will have 30 days of stats bot with Google Analytics and Jetpack and we will see it they compare….

Please note Feedburner views are mostly views from feed readers that usually do not click to our site whereas other stats do only count page views from sites that do click on our site…

Finally an update on our Tumblr import: From the approximately 1,300 posts imported still 885 are unedited. Have a look at our tumblrd category to see if there is news for you.

Hope to see you back in September!

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