Best of Chairblog Half August – Half September, 2012

1) 352 views: Welding Wood Stool by Culdesac:

Welding Wood Stool by Culdesac

2) 332 views: Punk Chair by Josh Hill:

Punk Inspired Chair 2

3) 326 views: 23D Skeleton Chair by Gustav Duesing:


4) 324 Views: MWC or Back Paddlr Chair by Florian Hauswirth:


4) 324 views: Rousseau X Insa Caillou Lounge Chair:


5) 323 views: Two Stumps and an Axe Lounge Chair by Hongtao Zhou:

Two Stumps and an Axe Lounge Chair by Hongtao Zhou 01

6) 322 views: Caterpillar Stool by Hyeonil Jeong

Caterpillar Stool by Hyeonil Jeong

The best of Chair Blog Half August – Half September, 2012

Each and every time I start a post in our Top Chair Blog Posts series, the outcome is a surprise for me. This post is number 30 of the series.

The best 6 are again based on our Feedburner stats. In my previous post I mentioned I had installed the Jetpack WordPress plugin and anticipated that would be the last post based on the Feedburner stats. I was wrong clearly. It turns out we have a very closely knit group of (currently 1432) followers via Feedburner, who read our posts often, but only click through to the site every second (on average) time they open their feadreader. So I will continue to use these stats, because their attention would not be counted in other stats of clicks or page views.

Visits: 45,426 vs 39,444 in the corresponding prior period (+15.17%).
Pageviews: 114,178 vs 133,386 (-14.40%).

Although the number of pageviews went down, I see the line going up again slowly, but gradually, as there were a couple of peak days in the prior period, as for instance:
July 26: 9,896 pageviews.
August 9: 9,902 pageviews.
August 14: over 11,00 pageviews.
All peaks had to do with one or another high profile blog or site picking up one of our posts.

These peaks have leveled out now the last 30 days.

Have a look at our tumblrd category to see if there is news for you. Since September 1, 2012 I’ve added 60 more in prior periods.

Hope to see you back soon!


In my enthusiasm on the curve turning upward again I forgot to share some saillant stat reading knowledge of the last 30 days:

– 1262 views for: “Real” Egg Chairs:


– An unexpected 2,345 views for our golden oldy: Sensory Deprivation Skull Chair by Atelier van Lieshout:

Sensory Deprivation Skull Chair by Atelier Van Lieshout 1

And some Miscellaneous stats: