Introducing Katie Walker and her stunning Windsor Rocking Chair

Windsor Rocking Chair by Katie Walker

The Windsor Rocking Chair is created by a single continuous band of steam bent ash with solid seat supported by turned spindles. It was exhibited in Collect 2011 with Contemporary Applied Arts, appeared on the Wesley Barrell Craft award shortlist in 2011, and has won the Wood Awards Furniture also in 2011.

Katie Walker is a graduate of London’s Royal College of Art where she developed her approach of combining fine art and sculpture with practical furniture design, the results of which have now become highly collectable.

Katie Walker has a unique approach to the design of furniture, holding the belief that our quality of life will be enhanced by beauty in the everyday functional objects that we use. Inspired by an ongoing interest in the mathematical aspects of natural forms, her elegant designs are achieved by the harmonious combination of structure and function.

Guided by her belief that: “Timber is our primary natural renewable resouce and the most ecologically sound solution is to design with longevity in mind.”

via Katie Walker

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