poSTOOLate Project

poSTOOLate Project

poSTOOLate Project

PoSTOOLate, that opened in Minsk, Belarus, October 19 and will last till November  3, is a joined exhibition project of Belarusian Union of Designers, Belarusian State University of Arts and Culture and Belarusian State Academy of Arts. The exhibition presents authors’ visions of a chair as an utilitarian object, an art-object and an artistic image in graphic arts, and will lay a foundation for creation and further development of Belarusian Chair Museum collection.

A chair museum is always a good idea, isn’t it? Another great thing happening within the poSTOOLate exhibition is the Chair Design Competition:

It is believed that every architect or designer has to create his own chair. Many of these iconic objects are now cherished in worlds’ most prominent museum collections and are named after their creators: chairs by Le Corbusier, Mackintosh, Rietveld, Aalto, Dickson, Stark are still considered masterpieces of high art. We think that such simple object as a chair clearly illustrates one of the main poSTOOLates of design as a unity of function, image and form.

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