Top Posts Half September – Half October 2012

1) 321 views: Golden Titi Chair by Marjorie Skouras:


2) 319 views: Chair and Tell by Marijke Boulogne:

Chair and Tell

3) 314 views: Spiky or Love Me Tender Chair by Didier Faustino :

Spiky Chair by Didier Faustino 2

4) 311 views: Best of Chairblog Half August – Half September, 2012:

Welding Wood Stool by Culdesac

5) 310 views: Otto Wagner Armchair by J&J Kohn:

Otto Wagner Armchair by J&J Kohn

The best of Chair Blog Half September – Half October, 2012

Yet again based on our Feedburner stats. Just wait and see whether they will continue after October 20, 2012 when support for the Api by Google stops.

Contrary to my earlier belief it is not easier to pinpoint the most visited pages from another stats program. In addition there were no significant peaks in views according to the other stats programs during the last 30 days.

Google Analytics shows the following:
Visits: 43,862 vs 44,325 (-1.04%) in the corresponding prior period.
Pageviews: 102,360 vs 111,783 ( -8.43%).

And some Miscellaneous stats:

Hope to see you soon.

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