Top Posts December 2012

1) 376 views: Blocks Chair by Erik Stehmann:

Blocks Chair by Erik Stehmann

2) 362 views: Gazelle Chair Design Sketch:


3) 357 views: 3D model of Chair 4801 by Joe Colombo:

3 D model of Chair 4801 by Joe Colombo

4) 352 views: 6 Lutrario Chairs by Carlo Mollino:

6 Lutrario Chairs  by Carlo Mollino

5) 348 views: Bookworm by Atelier 010:

Bookworm by Atelier 010

5) 348 views: Where is the porter? Chair:


The best of Chair Blog for December, 2012

Our Feedburner based best 5 (6) posts.

The dramatic decrease in traffic continues for December 2012 when compared with November 2012:

According to Google Analytics:
Visits: 14,462 vs 29,709 (-51.32%)
Pageviews: 36,450 vs 69,746 (-47.74%)

Probably a hard hit by a change in Google algorithm. I’ll test some changes in our hosting settings the coming month of January 2013. I’ve disabled Photon and Cloudflare for the coming time. It may be that the site becomes much slower, but I’ve a feeling the photo’s we share here aren’t attributed correctly to us anymore by Google….

And some Miscellaneous stats:

Stay tuned!

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