Best of Chair Blog in 2012

Our 2012 Top Posts:

1) Vuzzle Chair by Christopher Daniel was our 2012 top hit with 4,956 pageviews:

Posted in February, it rocketed directly in our all time top 10 posts (see the sidebar)

Vuzzle Chair by Christopher Daniel White Interior

2) Priceless Chair became a good second with 4,732 views:

Posted in July it attracted a lot of traffic from FaceBook.


3) Round Chair – Bookcase Combination became third with 2,966 views:

Also posted in July and also attracting a lot of Facebook attention.

Round Chair - Bookcase combination

4) Real Egg Chairs became fourth with 1,895 views:

It was published in August and attracted a lot of Pinterest attention.


5) Bommel by MYK: Pom Pom Poufs & a Chair a fifth with 1,637 page views:

Published in May by Julia and attracting attention both from FaceBook (16) and Pinterest (169).

Bommel by MYK

The Best of 2012

This is the second year overview after Best of Chair Blog in 2011.

It is based on Google Analytics which we have in place as of January 15, 2012, after we discontinued Woopra early 20012. Only two weeks missing.

According to Google we had 1,128,036 pageviews in 2012 vs 1,227,821 in 2011, despite the heavy decline in November and December.

The golden oldies are basically the same as in 2011, except for the Vuzzle chair.

There is no 2011 post elevated as a Golden Oldy in 2012. My assumption of last year that posts have to “ripen”, was incorrect.

This is the first full year we have been hosted in London by Dediserve and I’m really glad we moved over from our prior provider as we have had comparatively few issues with Dediserve.

Very curious whether we will be able to turn the downward curve up again in 2013.

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