Chairs and Body Painting

Chairs and Body Painting RedPhotography: Vincent Basler

Body Art and Chairs 1Photo Vincent Klijn

Chairs and Body Painting

What better way to start a day than with these two very nice ladies whose bodies are painted fully matching the covers of the chairs they are seated on?

Two other Dutch ladies, Iepke Seebregts and Saskia Hoek have created Gekleurd Naakt (i.e. Colored or Painted Nudes) which tells a story about their body painting travels all over the world resulting in a very nice series of culturally connected body painting photography.

You can find a selection of the body art on Pinterest

They have made a Body Painting Book as well. The second photo is the cover of the book. That makes the post apt for our chairvertizing category.

I also have to think about Natura Morta by Alexa Meade

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