Best of Januari 2013

1) 391 views: DIY Basalt Bench – or Sofa?:

DIY Basalt Sofa Front

2) 379 views: Quote by Vincent van Gogh:

Quote by Vincent van Gogh

3) 368 views: Postman on a chair by Vincent van Gogh:

Postman on a chair by Vincent van Gogh

4) 366 views: Ahem Benchvertizing:

Ahem Benchvertizing

5) 363 views: Chairs and Body Painting:

Body Art and Chairs Red

Best of Chair Blog January 2013

Based on our Feedburner stats.

Stats up when compared with the period December 2012:

We seem back on track:
Visits: 32,300 vs 14,462 (+123.34%)
Pageviews: 74,098 vs 36,450 (+103.29%)

No more Adsense here!

Google pulled us another stunt: It claimed that we do not comply with their standards with regard to safe web content and blocked our Adsense account. When you look at the numbers 4 and 5 above you could argue whether those posts are completely “safe” in the über puritan eyes of some USA based readers (and Google). However I’ve decided to leave it in stead of to contest it and stripped adsense advertizing from this site. I don’t want Google to dictate what we feature or not. That is our Freedom of Speech. In addition I live in The Netherlands which by nature is less puritan than the USA (maybe because we have exported a lot of several of our own original puritan people to the USA a long, long time ago). Finally for a couple of measly dollars they may keep it.

After this rant I’ll leave out the misc stats of the month.

(Hope you) Stay tuned (notwithstanding).

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