Golden Magistretti Karma Chair

Golden Magistretti Karma Chair Front

Golden Magistretti Karma Chair Back

Golden Magistretti Karma Chair Sideview

Golden Magistretti Karma Chair

“Let’s start the week with featuring a Golden Chair” I thought and picked one of my Golden Chair Pinterest Board: The Golden Magistretti Karma Chair by Basel, Switzerland based Okay Art. Actually it is a gilded Selene Chair by Vico Magistretti.

Renaissance by Recycling

Okayart turns old design furniture into new and novel creations.

Unfortunately, not all pieces of furniture requiring repairs may be restored to their original condition. And as we do not want to sell ruins and throwing them away would be a shame, we prefer creating something new by way of novel combinations.

Okayart professionally restores defective furniture to once again render them functional. We then select other materials – for instance precious gold leaf combined with cloths from England and Scotland – and send these refurbished pieces of design furniture into a new orbit. We gift them, so to say, with a new karma.

In this manner, we are creating original, limited-edition, and unique pieces (collectors should watch out!) that can turn into much noticed attention getters.

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