Chair 5 by Pawel Grunert

Chair 5 by PAWEL GRUNERT Side

Chair 5 by Pawel Grunert Front

Chair 5 by Pawel Grunert

Chair 5 by Pawel Grunert looks like a sort of bentwood chair avant la lettre, or – in Plain English – a tongue in cheek prehistorical bentwood chair..

About Pawel Grunert:

Born in 1965 in Warsaw, he studied at the Department of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts of Warsaw. In 1990 he graduated with a honorable mention from Studio of Furniture for work titled M Y C H A I R. He design and made hundreds of furniture objects, sculptures and three-dimensional arrangement. What is worse – he still designs…

His works are placed in private collections and in musea in Poland and abroad. His works are published in books, magazines and on websites.
He works in the countryside near Warsaw. He is more a hobbyist than a designer. It could be said that he cultivates and loves furniture. All signs on sky and land indicate that it is unpunishable in polish legislation furnish-fil. Surely, he will reincarnate in the form of a chair…

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