Plastic Nature Stool by Alexander Pelikan

Plastic Nature Stool by Alexander Pelikan

Plastic Nature Stool by Alexander Pelikan.

Alexander Pelikan is a German designer based in Eindhoven, working from his studio Pelidesign.

The Plastic Nature Stool is based on the idea of connecting the world of plastic and the world of wooden furniture.

The first pieces of the Plastic Nature series were stools for Alexanders graduation project of the Design Academy in Eindhoven in June 2006.

Wooden furniture is usually manufactured by taking material – contrary to plastic furniture: When manufacturing plastic furniture there is hardly any waste, because plastic is cast in shapes and leftovers are molten again for further casting.

The wooden parts have cavities that work like dovetail connections. The plastic flows “behind” and into the cavities, hardens, and is not solvable anymore.
The complicated shapes of the cavities are not specially designed. Their only purpose is to provide sufficient surface to connect the plastic to the wood.

Via zerido and via Captivatist.

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