Rover Chair by Ron Arad

Rover by Ron Arad at Centre Pompidou, Paris P1030702

Rover Chair by Ron Arad

With the post: Chair Candy 1: Ron Arad at the Centre Pompidou in Paris I meant to start a small series of posts of Ron Arad’s solo exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, an exhibition that later was featured in Moma It stayed a very small series.

Recently I refound the photo’s I took there as I was reorganizing my photo’s and intended to go on with the series under Ron’s own lemma Chair Candy. For some time I’ve used Chair Candy as a nickname for chairs designed by Ron Arad. First it was a category. Later I reorganized the blog and made from many categories tags…there was a Chair Candy tag even….more rationalization did me get rid of the Chair Candy tag.

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