Free Falling Chair by Ezri Tarazi

Free-Falling-Chair-by-Ezri-Tarazi White 02

Free-Falling-Chair-by-Ezri-Tarazi Red 01

Free-Falling-Chair-by-Ezri-Tarazi 04

Free-Falling-Chair-by-Ezri-Tarazi 03

Free Falling Chair by Ezri Tarazi

Ezri took a lady dummy or mannequin, filled it with concrete and let it plunge into a trapezoidal box made from a perforated metal sheets.
The chair is formed.

Design: Ezri Tarazi
Design Assistance: Guy Mishali and Guy Ben Adon
Studio Tarazi Ltd. copyright 2011
This work was published on October 18, 2011 as a memento for Israeli Soldier, Gilad Shalit, who came back from isolated captivity after more than 5 years, and as a salute to his firmness.

Found this chair via edgina on Tumblr:

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