Aerowing Flywood Chair by Egbert-Jan Lam


Aerowing Flywood Chair by Egbert-Jan Lam

Design of 2008

A lightweight chair inspired by old aircraft constructions.

Maple wood construction with airplane-plywood seat and back. The chair is made with the thought in mind to create a lightweight chair in wood.

The 2 timber side frames out of simple small beams work together with the plywood engineered seat and back. Together they make a light, clear, functional and good proportioned construction.

A technical tour de force searching for the boundaries of designing in wood.

A form with character, made with an eye for detail like the traditional halved joints.

The plywood seat and back construction is cleverly engineered, it bends a little acting as suspension making the chair more comfortable.

The first prototype weighs 1,4 kg

Via Egbert-Jan Lam / buroJET / design studio.

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