Aerowing Flywood Chair by Egbert-Jan Lam


Aerowing Flywood Chair by Egbert-Jan Lam

Design of 2008

A lightweight chair inspired by old aircraft constructions.

Maple wood construction with airplane-plywood seat and back. The chair is made with the thought in mind to create a lightweight chair in wood.

The 2 timber side frames out of simple small beams work together with the plywood engineered seat and back. Together they make a light, clear, functional and good proportioned construction.

A technical tour de force searching for the boundaries of designing in wood.

A form with character, made with an eye for detail like the traditional halved joints.

The plywood seat and back construction is cleverly engineered, it bends a little acting as suspension making the chair more comfortable.

The first prototype weighs 1,4 kg

Via Egbert-Jan Lam / buroJET / design studio.

Blue Stickchair by Egbert-Jan Lam (1971)

Blue Stickchair by Egbert-Jan Lam (1971)  _MG_2649

Blue Stickchair by Egbert-Jan Lam (1971)

Egbert-Jan Lam has his design studio named Buro Jet

As I said already: We’ll stick to blue in May 2013

Plate Chair by Egbert-Jan Lam for buroJET

Plate chair by Egbert-Jan Lam for buroJET is cut out of a plate of laminated plywood.

Fold Down Chairs by Egbert-Jan Lam

Fold Down Chairs by Egbert-Jan Lam

Enhancing floor space is one of the coveted qualities of modern furniture with designers increasingly stressing upon furniture that can make even a small space look as open as possible. Taking this line of thought a step or two further, Dutch designer Egbert-Jan Lam, who founded his own company BuroJET in 2002, came up with a whole range of furniture that uses zero percent of your floor space. Literally, since Lam’s Plano collection features a set of flat furniture that can lay flush with the wall, fold down and transform into an off the wall item. Thus the furniture seems to be glued to the wall and appears to be floating off the floor. I’m not quite sure these pieces can ever be incorporated into daily usage, but it definitely would make a great accent piece in offices ad hotel lobbies.

via  Born Rich