Sari Chair by Vittorio Paradiso

Sari Chair by Vittorio Paradiso

for Paolo Castelli

About Vittorio Paradiso

Vittorio Paradiso was born in 1986 in Naples. After a course of studies in the artistic field he moved to Milan, where in 2008 he obtained his degree in industrial design at the European Institute of Design. Versatile designer, constantly looking for an innovative and refined style, he manages to easily range between furniture, objects, lighting, interior design and graphics, according to a creative process that is always the result of a research phase in support of pure intuition. He began his professional activity at several architectural and design studios in Milan, developing a sensitivity to product excellence in interaction with the context in which it is located. In 2010 he moved to Bologna, where he began his collaboration with Paolo Castelli S.p.A. gaining experience in product research and development, contributing to the evolution of the Inspiration collection and its settings.


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