Lawless Sofa by Evan Fay

Lawless Sofa

The Lawless Sofa, made by Detroit-based furniture designer Evan Fay, consists of a steel pipe grid interwoven with exuberant foam tubes upholstered in stretch fabric. The juxtaposition of the steel grid and the randomly woven foam offers a playful exploration of how chaos and structure can coexist in society and living rooms alike. Tactile, exaggerated, and altogether unconventional, this sofa is a statement piece that is both comfortable and inspiring.

Via Walker Art

About Evan Fay

Evan Fay is an American born furniture designer, maker, and educator currently working/living in Detroit, MI. His work focuses on intuitive building systems and spontaneous form within the realm of functional objects that express an obvious nature of craft and structure.

In 2014, Fay received a BFA in furniture design from Kendall College of Art and Design, and an MFA in 2016 studying 3D design from Cranbrook Academy of Art. In 2015 he worked under the Dutch design studio Kiki & Joost, which Fay describes as a liberating moment in his education.


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