Yay! Even on the Dutch Bloggies Shortlist!


To my huge surprise Chair blog even made it into the shortlist in the category Art, Culture and Entertainment blogs of the Dutch Bloggies, but Mick! won this award. And deservedly so. Nice design! Congratulations Mick!

WoW..uhm Arghhh – Chairblog in the 2nd Round of the Dutch Bloggies

Despite my earlier skepticism I’ve made it into the second round of the Dutch Bloggies Awards.

I’ve been put on the long lists in the category
Art, Culture and Entertainment blogs
together with 9 other blogs originating from The Netherlands:

    1. Art Update
    2. Beats Nothing [site disappeared]
    3. Blocter
    4. Cultuur Podium Online
    5. Eeuwig weekend
    6. Het Roze Olifantje
    7. Mick!
    8. New Work, and
    9. Viceland


Thank you, Jury!

Tomorrow Night will be Awards Night here in The Hague as my fine city sponsors the event …we will see.

Arghhh? Why

Timing couldn’t have been worse.
Last month KPN (Dutch Telecom) decided in its wisdom to stop web hosting for another site I operate. That induced me to look for another hosting company that I used already for quite some time for my two blogs.
I needed some reshuffling of my domains and then the problems started to hit the fan big time. It meant that all had to be transferred from one server to another server of my provider.
After having transferred this blog from one server to the other server I found out after the fact that I had lost many links to the photos.
I also had messed up urls and internal links of the blog and am now working my ass off to redress that in a cumbersome manual weeding out of the errors post by post (and there are over 1150 posts now….)
Although many have been repaired, there still remain errors….
At least the 2009 posts are more or less in order now, but still many to go…
In addition my new provider’s network crashed two times big time last week…
That’s why:-)

So if you are checking this out, please give me some leeway 🙂

Jö Chair by Danilo Calvache

jö chair

A clever designer, Danilo Calvache: He has his own blog and presents a new chair: Jö Chair

A new design of chair, looking at an element as simple and elegant everyday. Designed to give a contemporary flair to modern kitchens.

Chair Blog Nominated for the Dutch Bloggies Award


I write this Blog in the English Language, but I’m based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Only about 5.5% of my readership here originates from The Netherlands. So I never anticipated this blog worthy for the Dutch Bloggies Award.

Surprise, Surprise: The Jury of the Dutch Bloggies deemed this Blog worthy for nomination among 300 other blogs for the public voting round that will close tonight 24.00 hr, after which 20 of the blogs with the most votes will enter the final round.

Also surprising is that my significant other blog Happy Hotelier was nominated too.

Sensuous Modular Bench Liquirizia by Aziz Sariyer for AltreForme


Chair hunting on the world wide web is a real adventure. Recently I opened a Twitter Account @ChairBlog, off course. Yes please do follow me!


I saw a tweet from @Arctictrend (lol the name gives me the shivers) that pointed to this post: Eco Sustainable featuring this sensuous aluminum modular Bench Liquirizia.


But it was the Dutch More or Less blog that catched it earlier…and pointed me to the Italian, Calolziocorte based, manufacturer: Altreforme, which is a nice site for a blogger because it is a non Flash site that almost looks like a flash site. Kudos for the designer of the site!

Liquirizia is a multi-unit chair bench [I would say].
Modular or endless depending on your greediness, as the most appetizing candy you would never give up savouring.
liquirizia will talk about you and the lines of your heart, following routes each time different, each time…

About Aziz Sariyer
Born in Istanbul in 1950, Aziz Sariyer is the founder of Derin design studio. He designs objects, furniture, spaces and spends time working on technical aspects of furniture manufacturing process. Sariyer has taken part in a variety of International exhibitions with his designs for different projects. Sariyer’s designs are part of the most important manufacturers’ collections.