Flexible Sandwich Chaise by François Azambourg

Flexible Sandwich Chaise by François Azambourg
François Azambourg patented his 1999 “flexible sandwich” of wood ply and foam, used to make this chair and ottoman. The ergonomic material represents VIA’s mission to promote original combinations of traditional materials.
via Dwell.

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About Via

For 30 years, the Valorisation de L’Innovation dans l’Ameublement, affectionately known as VIA, has promoted contemporary, innovative furniture design with economical and eco-friendly projects by new talent. “We have a very important action to reveal French designers,” explains Gérard Laizé, executive director of the company. Through its impetus to finance projects based in both technical research and creativity, VIA aims to connect manufacturers, designers and retailers. Laizé teamed up with the widely recognized Paris modern art museum, Centre Pompidou, to create Via Design 3.0, an exhibit highlighting the company’s history of modern design for the home. To coincide with the show’s last weekend, contributing writer Suzy Evans shares the history behind a few of the pieces on view.

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Lucille Chaise Lounge by Kent Gration

Lucille Chaise Lounge by Kent Gration

Lucille Chaise Lounge from the Wambamboo Colection by Kent Gration.

Kent Gration initially worked as a designer for leading firms in Melbourne and Brisbane for 8 years, before establishing Integration Studio in 2004. Integration Studio specialises in the areas of graphic, product and furniture design, addressing social and environmental issues using a multi-faceted design approach.

In 2005 Kent completed a Master of Design with an Academic Award for Excellence from the Queensland College of Art researching environmentally aware furniture and product design. Kent believes that good design should last forever, but needn’t last forever in the environment.

Wambamboo is Kent Gration’s premier range of bamboo furniture which addresses growing environmental concerns regarding mass-production and the overuse of non-renewable polluting materials in the furniture industry. The inspiration behind the range came from his affinity with the ocean and concern over the ever increasing amount of plastic waste that finds its way into marine ecosystems.

Bamboo poles, cross-laminated boards and veneers are incorporated into each piece to showcase the versatility of bamboo as a high-end renewable material. All pieces are hand-crafted and made using CNC cut components, recyclable materials, non-toxic glues and water-based finishes. The sophisticated treatment of the material reveals inherent DNA-like vertical and horizontal laminated grain patterns, representing innovation in design and material usage.

Marilyn Chaise Lounge by Abellan and Soler


Had discovered Dutch originated Design Blog Minimalissimo and forgot about it.
Then rediscovered it.
Now it features featuring the Marilyn Chaise Lounge by Borja Abellan, the A of TaDa, and Nacho Soler. After all the weather here in The Hague is nice and soon such chaises can be used on one of our beaches

Via Minimalissimo

Adagio Chaise

The Adagio Chaise is part of the travertine Sienna bathroom collection introduced by Stoneforest
Via Designer Homes.

Social Media and the MVS Chaise by Maarten Van Severen

At least for me this is a good example how social media work:

  • I’m browsing the site of chair manufacturer Vitra.
  • There I find the photo that a fan, De Pauw from Florida, has send to Vitra upon a request from Vitra.
  • I recognized it to be a Van Severen chair.
  • I’m already a huge fan of Maarten Van Severen.
  • I check the site for more details about the chair (maybe I can publish about it here).
  • Find a nice photo of the chaise itself:

But then I also see this photo:

And you know what? It’s multi functional: As a recliner and as a daybed and for use indoors and outdoors!

So I’m sold. On the basis of these three photos I believe I have to have this multi-functional chaise for my terrace…

My next Work In Progress is trying to copy and paste the photo in a photo of my terrace and then find an opportunity to look at the chair in real life.

I have put it on my Vitra Wish List……even while I don’t know the price yet…