Standard Rocking Chair – or “The Rabbit” – by &Larry (AndLarry)

Standard Rocking Chair by &Larry

This unusual rocking chair “Standard Rocking Chair” was designed by &larry in cooperation with The Asylum and shown at Singapore Design Festival 2007.

&larry is a graphic and advertising designer from Singapore.
Objects is a long term project where he is using common Singaporean materials to march backwards into the future (borrowed from marshall mcluhan).

&Larry about the Standard Rocking Chair:

Inspired by Jean ProuvĂ©’s Standard Chair, our assignment was transformed into a rocking chair. Totally hand-made in the studio, this chair has been nicknamed “The Rabbit” by visitors for its long handles that can be grabbed by the sitter to balance the rocking motion.

It was a satisfying project and it whetted our appetites to create more items that would eventually become part of our Objects collection.

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Oshar Vazquez: A Young Mexican Designer

Emma 360 Rocking Chair by Oshar Vazquez
Emma 360 Rocking Chair by Oshar Vazquez

About Oshar Vazguez
He is 23 years old and in his last year studying Industrial Design at Autonoma de Guadalajara University (UAG) in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Oshar made the Emma 360 Rocking Chair himself: “..Design is not only a matter of drawing and rendering, but also a matter of putting your hands at work!!”
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A Stylish Baby Lounger by Bloombaby

And then you get a visit from a fellow Blog Catalog member, M2JL :: STUDIO who is a designer herself and maintains a blog M2JL :: STUDIO Blog that pointed me to this stylish:

Bloombaby Lounger
Rocking Baby Lounger from Bloombaby

Scott Morrison: The Master of the Rocking Chair

Rocker cum Craddle
Rocking Chair with Craddle

Luxist drew my eye to Scott Morrison, the master of the Rocking Chair.


Here I updated a 1700’s style Windsor Nanny Rocker using Sam Maloof’s Classic Rocking Chair design as a basis. I wanted to add interest by creating different shapes for the cradle’s base and its rail. That is, the rail follows the shape of the base (as seen from above) as well as having a shape of its own moving up and down (as seen from the front). A unique side-effect and challenge of this design would then be to create spindles that would connect the asymmetrical shapes of the base and the rail.

The spindles must therefore be duplicated in a uniform manner along the cradle base, while also being dynamically sized to accommodate the bi-directional flow of the rail.

I chair

I chair

I Chair

In the same line as the previous post a classic rocking chair for the boy’s room with built in Ipod docking station cum speakers. For $399.- the I Chair is yours by PB Teen shop