Nirvana Chair by Adrian Thornber

Nirvana Chair by Adrian Thornber   with stand 01
Nirvana Chair with stand

Nirvana Chair with Bride
Nirvana Chair with bride

Nirwana Chair by Adrian Thornber 04 Nirvana Chair with Adrian Thornber

Nirvana Chair by Adrian Thornber.

About Adrian Thornber

Sussex, UK based engineer Adrian Thornber worked for many years as a welder and fabricator in the marine industry, then as a property developer. In his latter role he became interested in retro style chairs to furnish a 1960ies minimalist style villa. This led to the development of the Nirvana Chair inspired by designs from that period.

Adrian has now produced over 100 chairs in his workshop, personally building each one himself. Bending, welding and polishing the stainless steel, shaping and sewing the sheepskins. Each one takes two to three weeks to produce.

They have been sent to clients all over the world; to Japan, down into Europe and across the USA, including a batch produced for a multi million dollar spa refurbishment project at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Palm Beach, Miami.

These chairs are not available in the shops and are only shown at one or two exhibitions per year, ensuring they remain very exclusive and highly desirable.

Nirvana Chair

The Nirvana Chair is far more than a simple sculptural statement, is a piece of steel furniture that follow the natural shape of the reclining body. The presence of this piece of furniture in any room will change the mood and embellish it with a strong sense of sophistication and style. The concept of form creating function becomes apparent when one is seated: this is an experience blending the impression of security with freedom. The chair’s contours hold the body snugly whilst allowing a feeling of weightlessness to develop with its gentle motion. An alternative to the stand is suspension from a suitable ceiling joist, which creates the surreal effect of floating in mid air.

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