New Lounge Chair by Anthony Hartley

New Lounge Chair by Anthony Hartley

New Lounge Chair by Anthony Hartley

Anthony Hartley is a British designer who has his studio/gallery Damside Mill in a town west of Leeds, UK.

We’ve featured chairs from him earlier. Today he pointed us to this new design of his.

Anthony Hartley/Frank Gehry Controversy, Solved

Our post on Mr. Smith the Second chair by Anthony Hartley sparked a conversation about the chair’s noticeable resemblance to the iconic Wiggle side chair designed in 1972 by Frank Gehry.

Today the Chair Blog is ready to answer your questions, with the help of Mr. Hartley himself:

“Frank was the first chair I made with a reference to Frank Gehry‚Äôs Wiggle from the Easy Edges line. The Mr. Smith and Mr. Smith the Second reference the Paul Smith stripes.”

Big thanks to Anthony for stepping in and helping us out!

Pictured above: 1st row – Frank chair; 2d row – Mr Smith & Mr Smith the Second chairs.

Mr. Smith the Second by Anthony Hartley

This multi-colored Mr. Smith the Second chair by UK furniture designer Anthony Hartley totally looks like a piece of some twisted candy, don’t you think? It’s not really made of candy though, Mr. Smith the Second is colored beech wood with a high-gloss lacquer finish!