Ben K. Mickus Relief Chair added to Cooper Hewitt Collection

A long time ago we featured the Relief Chair by Ben K. Mickus.

Last year Cooper Hewitt added it to its permanent collection.

I revisited his site because I remembered it is exemplary with respect to public relations: For instance Bloggers who have mentioned the chair get a whole page (click “news” and “blogs” on his site):


Exemplary in design and simplicity: The thumbnails are linked to a pdf of the article and the www link under the thums link to the actual article.

Fondly I saw the old layout of our site: For a long time we’ve used the WordPress default theme:


So you can see blogs do change their lay out. Also I’ve noticed I changed the title of the post and I see other things I don’t do anymore. Oh Nostalgia.

On the other hand I’d hoped to see Ben going on with designing some more chairs.

Note: in writing this post I got so annoyed with the load time of the posts and pages due to load time consuming social bookmarks that I’ve totally disabled them. Sorry lads and lasses!

Relief Chair by Ben K. Mickus

Felt Chair by Ben K. Mickus

The “Relief Chair” will make its world debut at the Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design, in New York, March 6th, as part of the “Fashioning Felt” exhibition. The chair is a sculpted assembly of rapidly-renewable felt sheets, supplanting foams, upholstery and anything applied. The cascading edges of the felt sheets create an integral pattern with both a visual and tactile effect.

Designer: Ben K. Mickus (United States)
Manufacturer: Mickus Projects (United States)