In the Round (stitch) Chair by Brent Cordner

In the Round (stitch) Chair by Canadian designer Brent Cordner.

Luflic had some amazing chairs at Toronto’s Interior Design Show this past weekend, really catching the collective eye with two pieces called In The Round. Both these production-ready chairs, designed by Brent Cordner, are named after the in-the-round knitting technique and over 50 feet of wool sleeve is used to cover the tubular steel frame for the felt version and 30 feet for the stitch version.

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Update: The site Luflic has disappeared since.

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In the Round Stitch Chair by Luflic

In the round (stitch) chair by Luflic (Brent Cordner)

This chair was named after the technique of knitting sleeves or socks “In the Round.” In order to upholster a chair completely with only one knit sleeve, the tubular steel frame had to be formed in one continuous line that closes in a loop. Careful attention was paid to the seat so that enough surface area would ensure comfort. Thirty feet, or nine meters, of sleeve is required to upholster one chair.

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