BM 65 Armchair by Bruno Mathsson

BM 65 Armchair by Bruno Mathsson

For many years, Bruno Mathsson regarded wood as the natural material to work with. However, in developing the Superellipse table and the span leg in steel he discovered a new medium. In the Danish Magazine ”Dansk Kunsthaandværk” (No5, 1964) he wrote that his work with the span leg had become ”one of the most exciting adventures I could dream of”. Bruno Mathsson saw the possibility of working with steel to create designs in a different direction. During this period, Mathsson had completed another design utilising steel tubes, under the working title of BM 65. He signed and dated the finished drawing on 22 December 1965. He was also keen to see this chair in production but his enthusiasm for the design could not overcome the technical difficulties it presented given the production methods available to him. Consequently, chair BM 65 was never developed beyond the drawing board. Now technology is equal to the task of producing Mathsson´s design. Chair BM 65 is in production. It unites timeless elegance and a modern form that is reminiscent of the Superellipse


Mia by Bruno Mathsson

I found Mia on the Bruno Mathsson site and am surprised this is his first chair I share here (?)

Mi 407 Mia

Designed in 1972-1973

Stackable chair with armrests. Fully upholstered over polyether (CMHR) and supporting web. Buttonstitched.
Floor runners with plastic glides.

Information on covering materials on request.

Width 615, depth 580, height 790, seatheight 435 mm.
Fabric needed: 100 cm by 130 cm width.
Leather needed: 2 chairs = 1 hide by 4,5 m2