Mem Chair by Christoffe Pillet – 2013 IMM Cologne (7)

Mem is old Egyptian for “water”
I first encountered the new stackable Mem Chair by Christophe Pillet at Mocoloco. The second time at the Kristalia Booth at IMM Cologne.

Sezz chair by Christophe Pillet


Sezz Chair

In 2009 I stayed at the Hotel Sezz in Paris with my family to celebrate my 60ieth. Sezz was in the process of developing a new hotel in Saint Tropez. Although I noticed their eye for detail and certain fine chairs, little I knew they would go so far as to have Christophe Pillet design a whole new chair for them, produced by Emeco…A French designer and a French hotel and a US based manufacturer is a surprise;-)

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Pulp Chair by Christophe Pillet

Pulp Chair by Christophe Pillet
Pulp Chair by Christophe Pillet Orange
My first reaction is: “what a sad name for a chair: Pulp Chair….” by Christophe Pillet.

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Syanpsis Quadro by Christophe Pillet

syanpsis quadro by christophe pillet, 2008

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