Elephant Chair’s Design Coincidence.

When you look at the archive for January 2012 of my now vigorously revived Tumblr blog, You’ll see the same coincidence of design similarities between the curve of the side of the chair and curve of the lady’s legging. (I’ve photo shopped the lady a bit – and must admit clumsily – to prevent this blog to become inadmissible for kids).

Subject, Object, Abject by Jaime Pitarch

Subject, Object, Abject by Jaime Pitarch

We’ve shown you Dissolving Objects by Astrid Bucio and the Recession Chair by Tjep, believing it was new. Not so! Barcelona born artist Jaime Pitarch applied the idea already in 2006 with his Subject, Object, Abject.

Via Spencer Brownstone Gallery.

Capo by Doshi Levien for Cappellini – Milan 2011 (18)

One more design for the Milan Design Week 2011 is the first collaboration between London based studio Doshi Levien and Italian design brand Cappellini.The shape of the chair called Capo came from the image of a dapper gentleman in a well-cut suit and a felted hat.

With its tabular base, tall back, upturned lapel and cantilevered flexible arms the Capo armchair might remind you of another design week product – Pod Chair by Benjamin Hubert we posted about earlier. Just like Pod is said to be a private chair, Capo is said to provide shelter and “envelope” the sitter, “trasforming them into a boss”. Notice how both chairs come in felt, what seems to be a hot trend with seating furniture right now!

Image via dezeen.com

Alpha Chair by Dustin Jessen at 2011 IMM Cologne (20)

Alpha Chair by Dustin Jessen

When I saw this Alpha Chair by Dustin Jessen at 2011 IMM Cologne somewhere lost in a corner of the Folkwang booth, I thought: “I know this chair and I know I’ve featured it already on Chair Blog quite some time ago”. So I took a fast and hence not so sharp photo (also because its back was dented a bit) and put the leaflet in my pocket….Back home it took some time to connect the dots…and here the dots are connected: Blu dot had created the Real Good Chair:

…Then you realize that your memory is not perfect. Blu Dot used another form and another way of creating the folding line. Moreover the Alpha is stackable. Sorry Dustin.

Snug Chair by Dennis Abalos

Snug Chair by Dennis Abalos
Snug Chair by Dennis Abalos
Snug Chair by Australian designer Dennis Abalos. It was a recent comment that pointed me to Dennis Abalos, while suggesting Japanese Architects Naruse Inokuma had copied their design of Dennis. I would doubt that. Certainly the design of both chairs have some similarities, but in my view not to an extent it is a shameless copy.

For comparision below the chair by Naruse Inokuma.